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I truly believe there is Success waiting for Everyone – and the World is waiting for YOU

Your Success Path
Your Success Patterns

And The Power Of…
“The Encoded Identity Phenomenon” 

How to Break Through the ‘Glass Ceiling’ – Harness The Power Of Your ‘Encoded Identity’ – And Find MEANING and PURPOSE in Work and Life.

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 Hi, I’m Barbara,

An Entrepreneur, Stage designer, and Orchestrator – with Unshakeable Determination to help Female Leaders ‘Rise to The Top’ – Discover the power of their ‘Encoded Identity’ — and create Meaningful Movements across the globe…


  • A Woman with a vision – that will really “Make A Difference” – but either you “Don’t Know How’ to make it happen – or keep experiencing many ‘Road-Blocks’ along the way…
  • A Woman – Career-Oriented & Brilliant at what you do – but feel as though you’ve hit ‘The Glass Ceiling’ in your Organisation.
  • A Woman who wants to make the MOST of life – you’re always searching for the NEXT challenge that will bring great Reward and Excitement – but want something MORE!

Trust me, you’re not alone!

Whatever it is — whether it’s the promotion to CEO that you’re after – or a complete Career Change that will finally give you the purpose and meaning you seek — there are tools and techniques you NEED to move forward with Speed and Ease.

Eva-Maria Gosch, M.Phil., CEO Update Training, Austria’s largest Education & Training Organisation

Barbara has the rare ability to effortlessly bring big ideas to life and think outside the box. I had a big vision and Barbara really understood my vision with such depth and clarity. Utilising her insight, I achieved one of my big goals, becoming CEO of the company. With her knowledge of Encoded-Identity, I was able to put an incredible team in place, and within 12 months – doubled in revenue and size. My staff have never been happier, I’m clear on my next steps, and love every minute of it!

Book a 15 Min Complimentary Phone Consult!

I’ll show you HOW at my next Half Day Workshop.

In particular – I’ll be covering…

The 5 Steps – To Unpack Your ‘Encoded Identity’
And Turn Your VISION Into ‘Glass-Shattering’ Success!

Step 1: “The HAZE” = Ultimate Clarity & 20/20 Vision
In this Step – I’ll take you through a process to ensure you are Razor Sharp Clear on ‘Your Destination’.

Step 2: Details-of-Distinction = “Your Exact Path” — REVEALED
This is where my Stage Designer Secrets become YOUR success weapon. (I’ll explain in a moment).

Step 3: “The Code of Type-Expression”
Discover your unique TYPE – and learn to Unpack & LEVERAGE what was Naturally Gifted To You At Birth.
This changes EVERYTHING!

Step 4:Your “Stumbling Loops” – Shattering ‘The Glass-Ceiling’ FOREVER
Learn How to ELIMINATE – all the Blocks & Stumbling Loops that keep you stuck where you currently are – so you can move forward Quickly and Efficiently.

Step 5: Personalised “No-Detour Strategy” = Success Path Mastery
The Road Map that’s going to ‘Bring it all together’ – and show you ‘Step-By-Step’ – HOW to turn your vision into reality.

You’ll leave my Workshop with FULL CONFIDENCE – Knowing Exactly HOW to move forward!

Alexandra Gallili, Netherlands, Leading Artist & Yoga Pathfinder, says this:

“I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but kept arriving at dead ends. Working with Barbara provided me with the tools, knowledge and never-ending encouragement I needed – allowing for a clear path to emerge to get me to my goal. In less than 6 months – I started a brand new business combining Art and Yoga (never done before) – for busy Mum’s and their kid’s. I love what I do, and have so much gratitude for Barbara’s role in helping me achieve my dreams!”

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Let me tell you a little bit about The No-Detour Strategy

As a Stage Designer, it was my job to bring the VISION of the DIRECTOR to life. Directors would give me their various ideas — Where they wanted to go — What it looked like within their minds — and more importantly — How it would make the audience FEEL.

MY job – was to turn this Vision into REALITY.

I’ve approached working with my Clients in Exactly the same way.

After years and years of Research, Refining, Trialing and Testing – I’ve adapted my Stage Design Techniques into a 5-Step Formula that I now call ‘The No-Detour Strategy’.

This is the perfect guide map to turn YOUR Vision for work and life – into REALITY — without Struggle!

Aside from…
The 5 Steps of Unpacking – YOUR Encoded Identity & Achieving Glass-Shattering Success
I’ll also be covering…

  • How to Ignite The Power of the Ancient Code” – and Take the Next Step with Unshakeable Confidence
  • How to have Prosperous Communication – in EVERY part of your life (And I mean Every Part!!)


  • How to Leverage Your Encoded Identity – To Harness The TRUE Power of Leadership – and Attract a Team that will Follow You Wherever You Go (This is a Gold-Mine!)

It’s a MYTH that you have to be “Tough-As-Nails” – to climb to the TOP! You DO NOT need to compromise who you are – in order to ‘compete’. All you need to do is simply understand your Encoded-Identity – and learn how to leverage it. Seriously, it’s THAT easy!

I promise – with this knowledge – you’ll know Exactly how to Attract the RIGHT People to your Team — create a Loyal Following — and know exactly where to each person around you — in order to achieve Exquisite Results that Surpass ALL Targets or Goals!

Hannah Athanasiadis, B.Comm., Creative Analyst, Writer & Musician

Barbara has a unique ability of finding the gold mine within each and every person. Working with Barbara has given me an extra level of clarity within my vision I didn’t have previously. With her help, I was able to identify the part of my vision that really motivated me. I’m now aware of my ‘Encoded-Identity’ – And can see how aspects of my ‘Encoded Identity’ were in conflict, instead of working harmoniously together. It showed me how I operate on a deep, innate level as well as some of the major blocks that were in the way of achieving my vision. I can now focus on my ‘end goal’ with all decisions in total alignment. 

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I can’t tell you just how life-changing ‘The Encoded-Identity Phenomenon’ is. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself!

But Remember, I’ll also be walking you through…

The 5 Steps – To Harnessing Your ‘Encoded-Identity’ & Achieving Glass-Shattering Success!

Step 1: “The HAZE” = Ultimate Clarity & 20/20 Vision
We’ll make sure you’re REALLY clear on ‘Where you want to go’.

Step 2: Details-of-Distinction = “Your Exact Path” — REVEALED
No two paths are alike!

Step 3: “The Code of Type-Expression”
This is where we draw on Ancient and Historic knowledge that has been completely overlooked by modern day society – to allow you to discover the TRUE power of ‘The Original You’. (Seriously life changing!!)

Step 4: Your “Stumbling Loops” – Shattering ‘The Glass-Ceiling’ FOREVER
You’ll understand exactly why you’ve been feeling ‘stuck’ – and learn the tools to get OFF the ‘Stumbling Loop’.  

Step 5: Personalised “No-Detour Strategy” = Success Path Mastery
The Map – The Guide – Showing you HOW.

Again, all you have to do is say ‘YES’ to taking Action!

Talk to you soon!



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